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Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the sound financial management of the Assembly's resources.

Functions of the Finance Department

  • Ensures access at all reasonable times to files, documents and other records of the Metro. Assembly;

  • Keeps, render and publish statements on Public Accounts;

  • Keeps receipts and custody of all public and trust monies payable into the Consolidated Fund;

  • Facilitates the disbursement of legitimate and authorized funds;

  • Prepares financial reports at specific periods for the Assembly;

  • Prepares payment vouchers and financial encumbrances;

  • Undertakes revenue mobilization activities of the Assembly, and

  • Makes provision for financial services to all departments in the Metropolitan.

  • Assist to provide the layout for buildings for improved housing layout and settlement;

  • Ensure the prohibition of the construction of new buildings unless building plans submitted have been approved by the Assembly;

  • Advise and facilitate the demolition of dilapidated buildings and recovery of expenses incurred in connection with the demolition;

  • Ensure the prohibition of the use of inflammable materials in the construction or repair of buildings in defined areas;

  • Advise the Assembly on the siting of bill boards, masts and ensure compliance with the decisions of the Assembly;

  • Advise on the acquisition of landed property in the public interest;

  • Undertake street naming, numbering of house and related Issues.

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