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Localities within the Tema Manhean Township, have been experiencing disruptions in water supply in recent times.


The Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), working together with the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), has initiated a relief package to deal with the water challenges residents in Tema Manhean are encountering with the provision of free water tanker services.

Mr Frank Asante, the TMA Public Relations Officer, disclosed that , areas such as Ashaiman B Park, which was upstream, were bedevilled with potable water supply challenges hence the need to bring some relief to residents to prevent the outbreak of communicable diseases.

Mr Asante noted that the free water supply, which started some two weeks ago, would be reviewed, improved and sustained until a permanent solution was found to deal with the supply challenges.

He said each electoral area with water challenges was being supplied with two water tankers twice a week under the initiative.

The TMA PRO noted that the water was supplied into some reservoirs in the electoral areas with the guidance of the Assembly Members, who then ensure that every resident in their area gets some for free.

He said Mr Yohane Amarh Ashitey, Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, had been engaging the Tema Regional Manager of the GWCL and his team of engineers on the issue during which the free water supply was agreed on as a temporal measure.

He said the team had also held a series of engagements with the traditional leaders, residents and other stakeholders to explain the causes of the perennial water shortage before rolling out the tanker services.

According to Mr Asante, the GWCL has identified in some communities that the population has outgrown the water supply system leading to no-flow at the upstream while those in the downstream areas were able to receive a supply.

He further said according to the engineers, people had joined the mainline, which had lowered the pressure making it difficult to reach the higher grounds.

March 17, 2022

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