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Business Operating Permit

It is expected that every business within the TMA’s jurisdiction obtains a Business Operation Permit.

As the name sounds, a Business operating permit is a license that enables you to undertake/do business in the City of Tema.

In order to fast track the process of acquiring a business Operating Permit and do business with ease within the City of Tema, the Assembly has put in the following measures in place;

Checklist For Processing A Business Operating Permit

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  • Produce Registrar Business General Certificate/Certificate of incorporation

  • Name of Business

  • Name of Business owner

  • Business Location (GPS location)/ Address

  • Contact Detail.

Temporary Permit

  • An applicant receives a Temporary permit that last for 90 days immediately after producing the above requirement.

  • During this period, the Assembly does its due diligence, background checks and processing in order to generate a Permanent permit for the Applicant.

  • The Internal process include the following steps tabled below;

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